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OTDBASE Testimonials

"I definitely consider OTDBASE as one of the vital databases to utilize for OT research.  And you can quote me on that!"
Tanya Feddern, MLIS, AHIP, MOT, OTR/L
Evidence-Based Medicine Assistant Professor; Reference & Education Services Librarian, University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, Louis Calder Memorial Library

"...and thank you for the OTDBASE, it has been an incredible resource for me over the last 4 years. It truly was a godsend for research when I was at Dal and for practice since then."
J.Y. Canada

"I'm a student who had trouble accessing your site during your last open house, even after your helpful email, but succeeded this time. By golly gosh, it was like, Christmas and a lolly shop and winning the lottery all thrown into one. Will sing the virtues to my lecturers. I forwarded you email about the open house to our department secretary and she in turn forwarded to all the students, so hopefully others will be just as enthusiastic as I am. Through your data base I was able to confirm what I suspected after many hours of manual searching - that is that Smoking Cessation has not been a topic in any journals. Thank you so much for your service. I will be recommending it to all the OT's I know."
JC - University (Australia)

"This is an excellent addition to the many data bases available at (CSU). This data base would be an excellent addition to the library and the OT program at CSU. It is very helpful for searches specific to OT and should encourage our profession's desire to improve evidence based practice."

"I found the data base to be extremly helpful in locating acticles for my specific field of study. It not only helps to save time, but also helps in streamlining my search for the best possible articles. Please keep the data base up and running."

"Thanks for this wonderful resource. It is very user friendly and a pleasure to use in the comfort of your own home. What a fantastic idea. Well done!!"

"Thank you so much for setting me up for being able to access OTDBASE. I tried a couple of key words and it was fantastic. I could easily stay here all day. It will be especially useful because the first Italian schools are starting in October and we need all the help we can get. Thank you again,"
JP - Italy

"My most recent use of OTDBASE was when the question was posed to me "what would OT look like on our unit if we replaced the 4 psychogeriatric beds with substance abuse beds?" I did a search and had quite an intelligent, research based answer in no time. I find it has many uses."
KH - Canada

" ... just letting you know that I met with the director of the program and put forth the idea of getting OTDBASE for the students. We are always asking our students to gather up to date and thorough information. MEDLINE and CINAHL can only offer so much."
J.K. Canada

"Thanks for all your hard work in bringing this service to us and for all the work you do in making searches easy and worthwhile."

"I finally checked out the OTDBASE and am impressed with it."
M.P. Canada

"Fantastic - I got it (username and password) today. Thanks!"

"Thanks for letting me know the new address - there are some very anxious final year students out there panicking because they couldn't access OTDBASE."
G.K - Ireland

"Just wanted to tell you that I like the new format- very user friendly. I am also advocating strongly that (we) get a group rate for all 8 faculty and even for the 140 students."
M.M. Canada

"Thank you for this open house! For my purposes, the search was easy to use and gave me access to the information I was looking for."

"Thanks so much for the "open house". This appears to be a very user friendly and comprehensive resource. I will consider adding it to our student resources."
B.A.S. Germany

"Our department has access to the OTDBase ... With this database, we can search for OT journal publications. It's a great resource."
P.M. Canada

"Wow! I think this service is great when you want to do a search specific to OT. Thanks for providing such a great service."
L.B. Canada

"Thanks so much Marilyn. This database is saving me loads of work for my dissertation."
S.A. Malta

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